Tear Fund NZ in Tatters?

Truth Watch has discovered that TEAR Fund NZ’s Director, Stephen Tollestrup, is in serious doctrinal error and has broken his own organisation’s rules.   He claims on Facebook to be an evangelical Christian and yet he supports homosexuality and same sex marriage.  He has also proved that he has no interest in obeying 1 Corinthians 6: 1-7 when he openly accuses a fellow Christian in a secular court.  Having done these things he has compounded his error by being in breach of Tear Fund’s rules that say the Bible must be accepted as the “supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.”  There is nothing evangelical in all of this and no evidence that he treats the Bible as his supreme authority – quite the opposite.  So, we can discount Tollestrup’s claim that he is an evangelical Christian.  This then begs a vital question:  What sort of Christian is he?  In his Facebook disclosure on same sex marriage it is clear that he thinks his opinion is more important than God’s commands.  But, the Bible tells us to love God is to obey his commands.

If Tollestrup can’t even accept straight forward commands concerning marriage and homosexuality (he says SSM ‘enriches relationships’) then is the love of God actually in him?  It’s a reasonable question.  It is simply not possible to reconciling Tollestrup’s position with God’s explicit commands.  He needs to review the unbridgeable gulf between his views on same sex marriage, homosexuality, 1 Corinthians 6:1-7 and a properly evangelical understanding.  He should have plenty of free time to think it all over because under Tear Fund’s rules when they are broken the person concerned is required to resign.  If he does not and if Tear Fund’s trustees fail to make him, the integrity of Tear Fund NZ will be in tatters and the trustees would be in breach of their rules too.  Of course, Tollestrup can get out of the corner he has painted himself into by humbly and publicly repenting.  But, given his obviously poor knowledge of the Bible, there are no guarantees he knows what repentance actually means.