Same sex marriage – on the road back to paganism

A Truth Watch member recently lobbied New Zealand’s government on proposed new legislation legalising same sex marriage and adoption. The New Zealand Parliament approved the legislation soon thereafter. Truth Watch expected its plea for a return to common sense would be ignored and it was. In various polls New Zealanders indicated they were against the legislation, but the people’s will has not influenced the government for decades.

To read the full text of the letter sent to the government go to the letters drop down menu.

The government was warned that legalising same sex marriage would take us further down the road towards a renewed pagan world. Slavery, homosexuality, pederasty (man-boy sexual relationships), incest, violence, bestiality and tyrannous government (the death of democracy) were the hallmarks of the pagan world.  The letter points to indicators that show the western world is well on the way back to that dark time.