Rick Warren exposed

Watch this video for an in depth examination of Rick Warren’s ministry.  Draw you own conclusions, but this documentary highlights many of the issues Truth Watch has been talking about for more than a decade.  Warren’s mentor was Peter Drucker who openly acknowledged he was not a Christian and had no interest in Christianity.  To […]

How many Christians are really Christian?

The failure of the western Church to stand for holiness over the last five decades can be sheeted back to poor leadership, cowardice, poor doctrine and false teachers and prophets. It all began in earnest with the sexual revolt of the 1960s and has now reached the point in 2013 where governments will recognise homosexual […]

Church Leaders fail Christian Youth

In 2005, while living in the UK, a Truth Watch member spent a day in London with other para-church ministry leaders (he was with OM UK at the time) reviewing a study commissioned by Campus Crusade for Christ. The study repeated similar work done seven years earlier. Over a thousand young people aged 11-17 were […]